RULES [All members must read.]

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RULES [All members must read.] Empty RULES [All members must read.]

Post  Faix on Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:46 pm

Hello and welcome to Roleplay Revolution! I'm happy to see everyone here and I hope you have a fun time on this sight, of course there will be a few rules.

1) Please be nice to everyone on here. There's no need to start a fight or act like a troll. Unwarranted behavior like that will get you banned from this site.

2) Smut roleplays are allowed. However, if you're posting a picture with mature content in it, post it as a link and not the actual picture. For instance, if your character picture shows anything that's illegal to have uncovered in public, just post the link of it.

3) Spam. Let's just not go there. If you're purposely posting pictures of naked people or linking links to spam sites then you'll be blocked. End of story.

4) No godmod. Seriously. Your characters have a weakness. They're not all powerful. And don't start controlling another person's character. Stick to your own.

That's it for right now, but there's a good chance I'll more if problems arise. Breaking these rules will probably result in you being banned. You all have been warned. Either or that, please enjoy your stay here and I hope we can become a tight roleplay community!

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